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Celso Furtado, from the materialization of thought to the exile View
Deijenane Santos; Jean De Mulder Fuentes Feb 9, 2015

This paper aims to present a brief summary of three key moments in Celso Furtado’s life: his years of intellectual shaping, his time at the Superintendence for the Development of Northeast (Sudene), between 1959 and 1964 and his forced departure into exile, which initiates in Chile and prolongs itself in the United States and France. The methodology used is historic-descriptive, using as primary source, mainly Furtado’s biographic texts. The paper is divided into three parts: the first one describes his academic background and the context of creation and objectives of Sudene, the second part deals with the years Furtado was ahead of Sudene; and the last part focus on the moment of his exile, showing the path he has taken in Chile, the United States and in Europe. Finally, some reflections are presented articulating the three parts of the paper.

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