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The Northeast in the international context in the years 1950-1960: an introduction - Deijenane Gomes dos Santos
Memory, production and use of the documents produced by the Deliberative Council of the Superintendency for the Development of the Northeast - Májory Karoline Miranda, Vildeane Borba, Evaldo Rosas, Marcos Galindo e Angela Nascimento
Federal intervention in the Northeast: an analysis of the factors that favored the creation of SUDENE - Deijenane Gomes dos Santos
The transformation of the São Francisco basin in the 1960s - Sérgio Marques Cavalcanti Filho
Electric energy in the Brazilian Northeast: from the first thermal plants to photovoltaic and wind power - Pedro Gomes Maranhão de Araújo
LITERATURE REVIEW - Essays on Underdevelopment and contemporary political economy, by Fabio Guedes Gomes - Jean Henri Benoît de Mulder Fuentes
From CAPESA to CEASA: the pioneerism of SUDENE in the food supply area - Igor Jatobá
Northeast, 60 years later: changes and continuities - Pedro Gomes Maranhão de Araújo; Filipe Ramos
St. John's Eve 1967 and the role of SUDENE in international cooperation - Pedro Henrique Barros de Albuquerque Cardoso
Celso Furtado, from the materialization of thought to the exile - Deijenane Santos; Jean De Mulder Fuentes
The role of SUDENE in manpower qualification in the Northeast - Pedro Gomes Maranhão de Araújo
When media influences the political debate: the SUDENE case - Deijenane Gomes dos Santos
The weather, the Salgueiro Summit and Celso Furtado as catalytic agents for the idealization of SUDENE - Filipe Ramos